New & Old Friends

Top gun

Went with the kids, Hels and my Mum today to watch the airshow and very nice it was too. Thought we were in for a spot of the wet stuff but in true coastal weather fashion it changed and we were treated to blazing hot sunshine – yay!

There were old planes, new planes, planes with smoke and all maner of flying stuff including some syncronised seagulls *well kind of*.

Emily was really happy as she bumped in to her friend Tilly whom she’d not seen for over a year. They lost touch when Ems left nursery and she’d ask on a daily basis “when are we going to see Tilly?”… Emily came running over shouting “I’ve found Tilly!” as if she’d found a long lost loved toy, bless :0) We’ve got their number now so Ems is chuffed and now has another friend for the park – it’s quite a gang she’s gathering now… watch out Shoreham!

Me and Hels went to see Grandad in hospital on Friday, he’s slightly better than when I last saw him but still not looking good at all… get well soon x



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