Here’s my latest WIP sploge of  artwork.

I have been meaning to do something retro, game inspired for a while and finally got round to starting this weekend. Not finished yet, I used water colours and used a stencil I made to give an idea of the final shape. I’m not sure yet how it’ll end up. Perhaps framed in black or just cut out??

* Very late Kelsey but here’s my game art – I’ll post again when finished *

Credit and thanks to Logan Walters for the inspiration link.


2 responses to “Invader

  1. Well, I guess that means I had better get started on mine, then. Hmm, what to do. what to do…. How big is it? And did you ever get round to painting your longboard?

    • Hmm I’m sure you’ll have no probs coming up with something. It’s not massive (unfortunately) as I only had my watercolour pad left roughly A4 in size (I think the pad is A3??). I have made a few stencils with card though so these buggers could end up all over the house!

      I decided to leave the longboard with the wood/fibreglass finnish, looks cool. I have only just re-shaped the board last weekend; with one thing or another I haven’t had the time really. Needed to take a little more out where the wheels were touching the board when full turning – fell off twice since testing it! Now the shape is complete I just need to varnish the bits that I have shaped and then finished! I now have the second board in the press for Tom. This time I’m going to with no glass and graphics on the board.

      Bye 4 now :0)

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