Sea, Sun & sets… and a little cider


Helen’s younger sister Lucy is with us now for the next 3 weeks which nicely coincides with the first sunnnshiiiiney *said aloud in a Liam Gallagher stylee* weekend in a while that in turn rather handily coincided with a day / night out with Curry & Duz and Lizzy & Rob… wonder who we can get to look after the kids? Cheers Lucy!

About bloody time we had some summer weather at the weekend! After getting the train in we grabbed a bite to eat down Trafalgar Street at Cafe Aldo and then back up th’ill to check out Jamie and Doug’s house on the hill and have a beer (or 2) and more food – the sun was out, we were drinking and eating lots and all before 4pm – happy days! Thanks guys, lovely food great company and love the new house.

The day continued down on the beach where we met up with Lizzy & Rob and took up residence outside Life, on the beach where we sat and drank many ciders and were joined by Kerry & Dez for… yep… more cider, yea! We popped in to Fortune of War next door where we talked shit and drew on the table and each other – don’t fret mother… you can draw on the table… I think :0)

By this time Hels was developing a full on brain melting migrane – no thanks to Robs incessant chatter. Lizzy then introduced us (me and Hels at least) to a Nordic bar – Northern Lights tucked away behind East Street, a great little bar staffed by Umpa Lumpa and some folk with amazing facial hair – cheers Lizzy :0) We played games, taked more shit (some of us) and drank more before I finally put Hels out of her misery and agreed to head back up th’ill to the station and home, one sideways step at a time… I do get a “little” shelfish when pissed… I’m working on it :0)

Did I mention that I was filming last week… No? Ah, let me tell you…

I was filming last week.

Now is Good with Dakota Fanning. Never done any extra work before so it was really interesting if not a little odd. We met up at the pier at 4:45am! The pier was closed off but all lit up. I was told I was in group 1, seen by wardrobe to check I had appropriate clothing, I did *if you don’t count the stripy jumper which would have caused strobing and killed everyone on set!*. I then spent the next 6 hours walking up and down the same 20 meters of pier with various strangers (some stranger than others). It’s suprising just how hard it is to walk on command… Where do I usuall look when walking? How do I walk? not the sort of things I’m usually asking myself but I had it nailed after the first 30 or so takes. Even more bizzare was the concept of a “silent set”. “If you could just talk without saying anything”… WHAT?! How the fuck does that work? HELP!  After a few hours I had this one pretty much in the bag. I was rather proud of my (silent) “look at the dead moth” line, complete with pointing action and facial expression.

For the next 4 hours we were filming down North Laine which was quite random as this was not closed off and there were no signs of any crew so we just stood and chatted, got fed eventually, another 5 minutes and there would have been a riot! (not a very angry one, just 120 very hungry, upset luvvies. “Oh, I’m dying” *fall to the floor, back of wrist to the forehead etc.. think Withnail). All in all a great experience and perhaps .5 of a second of screen time – if I’m lucky.

Autographed photos will be available from my online store soon!

I also squeezed another straight sets victory in on the court, this time against Mr Chapman.. better luck next time mate.




2 responses to “Sea, Sun & sets… and a little cider

  1. I’ll settle for a signed shot of Dakota Fanning… am I allowed to say that yet? (*checks imdb*) …. hmmm, 17, eh… erm, never mind. I’ll give it a year or so.

    • that’s fine, 17 isn’t it? I suppose it all depends what you want autographing.

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