Tapas, tipple & tête

Oh what a pleasant evening we all had. Good food, great company and a “drop” of wine *aren’t I all grown-up now?… nope :0)*

Thanks to Carrie and Daz (AKA Kerry & Dez) for providing the great company and enough red wine to sink a small ship (taking my head and all it’s contents with it!). Oh yes.. I can confirm that the Ben & Jerry’s frozen yo-gert is, er, was very nice :0).

Hels & I decided to do some tapas and picked up a few very nice bits from mooch round the Shoreham Farmers’ Market & Italian Market.. nice.

We played 1/2 a game of Upwords – on reflection probable not the best decision of the evening. I think we all managed about 3 or 4 sensible/respectable-ish words each before we entered the realms of rather dubious spelling and blatant cheating *Dez!*

I think Daz tried at least 3 times to enter the word “tête”. Followed up with numerous abbreviations, proper nouns, slang, 70s jive and gibberish before announcing with some conviction “If it’s in the bloody English dictionary….”. Yes Daz but the word can’t be made up of selected letters from various random words :0).

We had to add the following to the official rules of Upwords..

“Daz is banned!!… for life, for misuse of the English Dictionary.”

I don’t think we’ve ever laughed so much playing a board game.

We were all on the lookout for Rob and Liz at the Isle of White Festival while we watched the Foo Fighters rock an amazing set *wish we were there – must get to a festival soon, it’s been far too long*

Can’t wait for our camping trip.

Nice one peeps, same again soon.


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