One woman’s hatred for Henry

I’m no stranger to a spot of housework, thanks in the main to having a loving, caring mother with just a “touch” of OCD (where the housework is concerned) so I can emphasise with people who have their favourite home help gadgets.

The vacuum cleaner
I myself prefer the cylindrical or drum vacuum. Others favour the upright, cyclonic, or hand held and even the most anti-housework amongst us would be hard pushed to resist the “Ghostbusters” retro-geek charms of the back pack vac!

The confession
Helen has often said that she would prefer an upright. Stating in the past that Henry is “hard work” and “a pain” *I just though that she’d been sucked in by the clever marketing of the Willy Wonka of suction machines; Mr James Dyson… never, ever in my wildest imaginings did I expect the level of utter hatred recently confessed by Helen for our little red helper.

Helen “We need a new hoover, an upright”
Me “No we don’t”
HelenYES.. WE.. DO
Me “Er…”
Helen “It’s SHIT!”
Me alright…”
Me “O… K…” *nurse!!!*

WTF? You “kick” the hoover? *other makes of vacuum are available*
Poor little red bastard… anyone know if there is a freephone number for abused domestic appliances?


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