Oh soooo lazy!

Been bloody ages since my last update.. again. It’s becoming more of bi-annual update than a daily blog!

So then since my last update, what have I been up to?

Well me and the two terrors went swimming this morning. Emily has just completed her first swimming lessons and is soon to begin her stage two so her swimming is coming on.

We had a impromptu visit from Helen’s aunt and uncle yesterday (their 2nd visit since my last update – they last came with Ruby & Pearl).

They’d been on holiday in the camper and were heading to Chichester from Rye so we suggested they pop in and hitch up the camper outside ours. “Good idea” they agreed and off to the pub we went and back to ours for more beers.. nice.

Please feel welcome If you want to visit … let us know or just pop in!

We’ve also had a visit from my Mum and John who came to stay for 4 or 5 days after spending a few days in Manchester then moving on to see Tom in Barcelona.

We also went out to see Tom in March to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. It was great to see him. He has a really lovely pad in a great location. We toured round the city taking in some of the sights but not too many as we also wanted to keep it as chilled as we could.
We saw a good few Gaudi buildings and visited Park Guell accompanied by Tom and Gemma (hello) after a tram ride to the top of Tibidabo hill (is that right Tom?) for a nice chilled clara and to take in the great view. On our tour round the city one of the days we happened upon a great street band called “Made in Barcelona” and Hels checked them our on the web when we got back and…. we’re only on the bloody video they were filming!!

We ate at an amazing tapas restaurant Tapas 24 (really recommend it if you visit) before meeting up with Tom’s mate Mark – hi mate if you read this! before heading off to the George & Dragon for far too much Rum!!.. possibly the reason for… *ahem* missing our return flight home!

My cousin Nadine got married to Carl last month *Abs & Emily were bridesmaids AKA princesses*. We had a great day and it was top to have all the family and friends in one place again… great weather, great people, great day! Thanks all!

Speaking of weddings, for the royal shindig we had a reet royal tea party down on Hove lawns *Ooh how very civil!*

Another top day with friends, fancy food, football and flags… “God save our gracious queen… blah, blah, bech, hic-up, QUEEEEEEN!”

Emily is 5.. YES FIVE! on the 2nd June.. where the fuck has that gone eh? Wowzers. To celebrate we went to SeaLife Centre yesterday with her friend Rihanna and her Mum and Nan then on to Pizza Express for tea. Top day, loved the fisheeez and sea creatures (perhaps more so than anyone else in there??).

… fink dats about it. We’ve been at the same old shenanigans in between all O’ this, beach days, walks, boarding, drinking, working, not working (did I mention I’m a house husband again! for the moment anyway) etc…

We’re also on the lookout for a new pad *Lee has decided to sell up*, hopefully over on the beach so if y’all see or hear about anything let us know.

Need a brew now so… Bye bye & love to all – see you soon :0)
AK xXx


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