Monkey’s Ruin

Bloody hell, what’s happened this week?!

Monday.. out, Tuesday.. out, Friday.. out, Saturday.. OUT! And mostly sans children. What a great week.

Hels and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary on Monday so we booked good old grandad seaside and hobbled *that’s another story* our way down to Brighton for a lovely meal at English’s fish restaurant and a few cheeky drinks in the Bath Arms. Lovely food and a great night out with the Helen.. nice!

Tuesday was the bi-monthly film quiz at the Florist on Upper North Street in Brighton. Our friends Carrie and Daz introduced us to it and we have tried to make it a regular thing (it’s only twice a month so doesn’t hit the purse too bad.. or does it??). If I’m honest I’m just there to make up the numbers really. I’m shite at film knowledge, possibly due to the complete absence of any memory. I don’t mind though as they serve Staropramen on draught and you can order pizza delivery in – GET IT! This week we were joined by Lizzi and Rob and hopefully next week we’ll get Debs ‘n’ Matt there too.. Jesus, we’ll have to get there for 7 to get a table.. oh well :0).

On Friday we all went out to the Crown & Anchor for a few cheeky numbers and some bar snacks for tea *God praise the wedges and dips*. Met up with my old man, Andy, Matt and cousin Debs. Jack was working in there. Jack has had a job in there for a couple of weeks.. working out well for him as he has started knocking about with the gang from there. They are mostly about the same age and seem like a good laugh, good on him. More to the point… we should be gettin 1/2 price ales.. SORT IT OUT JACK :0).

Last night was ANOTHER top one, again sans terrors – yay! Young Rose had the pleasure of looking after the troublesome terrors *they love it really, it’s like a big girls night in – bless*. We train’d it in to town and met up with cous’ Debs and Matt in the Yeoman (a nice little boozer just up from the station that I’d not been to before). The plan was for a pub crawl from town to Debs place in Hannover. Needless to say this didn’t happen *the best plans are always made up on the fly* We headed from the Yeoman to another ale house that was new to me and Hels.. the Evening Star; what a great little pub that is. This place serves a smorgasbord of weird and wonderful ales (and some damn fine crisps), one of which was a cherry beer that was rather nice, I couldn’t drink it all night *Helen could.. and almost did!* but it’s gotta count towards my 5-a-day so I’m in! I have a feeling we’re gonna be back there soon :0). The Caxton Arms was next on our stumbly, slury pathway to intoxicated utopia. It was a complete contrast from the noisy busy bustle of the Evening Star, a much more reserved, quiet atmosphere…. that was until we all stumbled in the door! “A PINT OF BITTER PLEASE GOOD SIR AND A POT OF YOUR FINEST PORK SCRATCHINGS”. They sold locally grown scratchings but the pot.. “ramekin”… very nice too, Debs even had a hairy one!.. lucky bugger :0). Debs ordered the smallest drink I have ever seen and then she discovered the strangest of all… a “Monkey’s Ruin” *I’m sure they make this shit up to shift the crap no one drinks*. Now, I’m sure I can lay the blame solely on this one drink out of the every increasing list of different drinks I’d consumed that evening but holy shit did I feel drunk after that fruity little bugger… a really nice slury, laughing drunk. If you are interested in making one for yourself it consist of banana liqueur and a slow gin with a twist of lime… yummy(ish). We were joined by Andy “copter” Young and his lady friend for the remainder of the evening, which was rather nice. Andy had been to see KT Tunstall but had quite obviously spent most of the night at the bar! Good man :0).

Food is nearly ready now. The beef has about 45 mins left. I’m trying a new recipe… Slow-Cooked Silverside With Bacon And Guinness. I bought 12 can of black elixir and we only need i can for the beef.. bonus. I’m now on my 6th can so fingers crossed the meal actually gets finished :0).

Until next time xx *hic*


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