Run Fat Boy… RUN!

Oh my GOD.. Has it really come to this?

Me and Hels have decided to start running to get in shape (I am a shape.. a nice round shape thank you) for 2011 *trying to offset the chinese(s) and chocolate actually*.

Helen said I reminded her of someone….

… cheeky bugger!

We went out for our first run this morning. I use the term “run” very loosely, perhaps brisk stroll is more accurate. We didn’t go too far and didn’t go so fast but it felt good to be out doing something.

Here’s the info (if you’re interested)…… right then, beers and take away for tea!.. JOKE!


One response to “Run Fat Boy… RUN!

  1. the resemblance is uncanny.
    i too have an expanding waistline but tend not to run if I am not being chased by bees. plus running rattles my fillings.
    good luck with it.

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