Christmas @ the Kenney’s

Merry Christmas all!!

Can’t believe that it here again *must stop saying that* but it’s true IT’S NEARLY CHRISTMAS and it could be another white one… yay.

Been ages since I lasted posted. So, so lazy, I know, very poor.

We’ve got my little (6’5”) brother and Helen’s little (6′ summet) bro, my old man and various other strays, not-rights and delinquents we can find with us for the festive break. Tom rolls in at about 1 this morning and Jack arrives about midnight Wednesday all being well… let the messiness begin!

Shit loads probably happened since my last post, most of which I can’t remember or is of any interest but here’s a brief lits of what I can.

Whilst I’m “in between jobs” I have helped with the reading in Abby’s class at school – ha, they can read better than me. I really enjoyed it though.
I also helped out with Abby’s class when they went to see a “science” show at a local theatre… No I really enjoyed that one. A man and woman singing very trippy, hippy songs *one was even backwards – yes sung backwards*. Playing all manner of weird instruments, from a harmonium to a home made theremin. All of this was made even more amazing by the fact that Jane Bom-Bane wore various moving hats.. one with a train going round it – complete with lights and another was a fish bowl with fish and coral etc… I want one!

Check her website Jane Bom-Bane

We’ve been to see Abby and Emily’s Christmas plays at school. They were both really good. Abby had the task of narrating the whole play and Ems was a Roman soldier; Hels and I spent ages making the costume.. entirely out of cardboard boxes and complete with blood stain on the sword!

Must say happy birthday to Abby. She was 8 on the 14th – yes of course I said it on the day, just not mentioned it on the blog yet.. I’m not that bad. Slow down Abbs, there’s no rush!

Also I must mention how much I’m lovin the Boxee app. For anyone who’s into home entertainment and tinkering with the computer this is great. I have messed about with XBMC before but it took far too much setting up, I have about 300 films, 1000’s of song and 1000’s of pics so I wanted something that automated most of it. The apps on it are really good.

Check it out here Boxee



One response to “Christmas @ the Kenney’s

  1. Great roman costume. reminiscent of double fines Costume Quest game. You can make me one. I’d like to be… an astronaut please. 1st picture is a dead ringer for you ads.

    Merry christmas to all, and to all a good night.

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