Birthday Stuffs n ting

Was the weekend of all things Birthday. Friday we had a lovely meal at Toscas in Shoreham. Family and friends, new and old, from 4 to 90 were their to celebrate mine, Helen’s and a number of other people’s birthday.

Saturday was a much more grown up affair. We had a great night, throwing some shapes in town until the early, early hours – Booooooooozie Doooooooooo!!

Great to have my bro Tom here too.


5 responses to “Birthday Stuffs n ting

    • I’d love to bring it on but can’t source the triaxial fibreglass sheeting!! God damn it.

      • triaxial fibreglass sheeting?! Don’t talk to me about triaxial fibreglass sheeting! I had triaxial fibreglass sheeting coming out of my ears until yesterday when i sold my last… bit… of triaxial fibreglass sheeting to a triaxial fibreglass sheeting collector! I think he wanted to donate it to the triaxial fibreglass sheeting museum. I think thats what it’s called. Or the Museum of triaxial fibreglass sheeting. You should give them a call, the museum of triaxial fibreglass sheeting, i mean. They might have some triaxial fibreglass sheeting for sale in the triaxial fibreglass sheeting museum gift shop.

      • I called them and apparently they’ve donated their entire collection to the English Triaxial Fibreglass Sheeting Heritage Trust. Can you believe it?

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