Longboard Build: Phase Three

OH YES, time to see how good the press is *and the glue*.

After taking some advice from the great & superbly knowledgable folks at silverfishlongboarding.com I decided to reduce the planned dry time from 3 days :0) to just 2 (still overkill I think but hey, I was nervous). So it was with great excitement that I cranked open the press this morning.

The result was as follows…

Press open and board out. Shape looks great and the joins are super tight – AMAZING!

New template marked out. I had to re-draw the design template as the original was designed for my little girl so it was slightly smaller.

Shape marked out on the board. Ready to cut.

Steady with that Jigsaw! *bites nails with nervous tension*

Here are some pics of it cut out. The edges have been sanded lightly and a small round on the top/bottom edges. Still needs a lot of work but I really get a feel for the finished article now! Wooo!

let me know your thoughts.

C’mon phase four :0).


One response to “Longboard Build: Phase Three

  1. genuinely impressed so far. My enthusiasm and mileage would have stopped just short of starting to make the press… no, earlier than that.

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