Longboard Build: Phase Two

That’s right wood fans it’s time to glue and screw. Actually bolt to be precise.

The finished press. Open.

The “dry run” earlier today.

The board, glued and in the press. YEA!

The press & threaded rods.

I’ll leave it now for 3 days to make sure its set.

Phase 3 to follow. Mark design, cut out, fibre glass, paint, varnish and assemble. Can’t wait.

Stay tuned :0).


5 responses to “Longboard Build: Phase Two

  1. settled on a design yet? if its anything but a flaming skull with a snake coming out of the eyes then you and me cant be friends anymore. ooh, or a PONY!

    • I was thinking more along the lines of a intricate pen design or something geometric but now you come to mention the “pony” idea I’m not sure…. hummm “pony”???

      • hmmmm, yes. It is decided. No going back now. Calvin and hobbes. In a go kart. Big smile on calvins face, hobbes covering his eyes.

        no, too fiddly. Stick with the pony idea.

        thats way cool.

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