A boat crash, a fort and clotted cream

Last week it was my Grandmother’s 90th birthday and we treated her and Gramps to a cream tea at Teddys in shoreham. And very nice it was too. How f’king filling are scones? Dayummm.

As the weather was great on Sat we all went for a nice big walk to Shoreham Fort. Somewhere I used to go with my old man and my bro when we were young for a spot of fishing. It was weird being back there. Check here [link] if you’re interested.

Bit of drama on the way there. We were heading over the footbridge when we spotted a small(ish) sail boat drifting towards the footbridge. The engine had cut out and the boat, helped by the strong currents and high winds, was heading sideways towards one of the support legs of the footbridge. The impact shook the bridge and started to drag the boat over and under it. Eventually two rescue boats arrived, however they both came unstuck in the tides before finally getting them to safety.


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