Longboard Build: Phase One

And about time too!

I said I’d build myself a longboard and now the time has come. Phase one is nearly complete now. Still a long, long way to go before I have a finished board.

The design Tom and I came up with back in March.

Marking out for one of the rails.

All the rails and the base boards.

Marking for the ribs on the rail.

Setting out rib thickness.

4mm Birch Ply; enough for 3 boards, yea!

The female ribs & rails.

Jig-sawing the ribs to recess in the rails.

A happy man with wood *ooh er*.

Female ribs.

Cutting out the recess in the rail.

Chiseling the excess out.

One of the press pieces laid out “dry”. Still needs a chamfer as there is a lip where the female ribs form an edge on the inside of the rail.

Both press parts together.

Phase two to follow shortly :0).



5 responses to “Longboard Build: Phase One

    • Hi there, my board measures approx 39 x 9 1/4 inches… probably a little less after final tweaks and sanding but close enough to this. If you check out my other posts and posts on http://www.silverfishlongboarding.com/ there’s some great help and advice.

      The board is finished now and rides great – shame I’ve not had much time to use it 😦

      Thanks for reading and good luck with the build! Post some pics when done.


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