BBQs and baby news

Had a great day on Friday. It was the annual BBQ at Hel’s work. Around 30 of us (men, women & children) made our way to the green by the sea in Worthing. We had great weather for it too :0).

We hauled the bouncy castle, gennie, gas bbq and a tonne of games, food and drink down to the green. It was decided that I’d drive for a change *perhaps just Hels being cautious – no drunken Adam in front of the colleagues!*.

All the kids were really well behaved and had great fun. At one point Abby and another child went missing, turned out she’d snook in to the woods with the lad! *We’re gonna have trouble with that one*

We had some great news this weekend; There is going to be a new addition to the family – NO HELEN ISN’T EXPECTING!! Congratulations to you both :0). I think the baby is due in March.

On the longboard front (not sure if I mentioned it, but I’ve been planning for a while to build a longboard) I now have glue!! Have spoken to the old man today to run the designs for the press/jig past him and have a plan to start sometime next week – yea!

Hopefully find out this week when my next interview is with Honda.

Night x


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