Pedalos, Pirates, Ponies and pounds

We all went to a local park today. We’ve been here a year and pass this place nearly every day but hadn’t visited. Amongst other things it has a large lake and small islands with pirates, ships and skeletons (don’t think Disney here – these are seaside charms!). The kids love them though, which is what counts *I do too :0)*

We had to practically force Abby to go on the ponies, Emily was more keen and they both loved it.

We took a pedalo out round the lake which was fun and allowed us to get a closer view of Black Beard and chums. Not sure just how much Abby enjoyed it; she seemed happy when back on solid ground.

I have also decided to keep a food diary *what?* A food diary. I seem to be edging the pounds back on and although I don’t think I eat too much shit, I have a feeling that I’d surprise myself if I took note of it all. So I plan on boring the shit out of you with details of my daily foods. At least for as long as I can be arsed.

Today’s grub:-

– 1 x bowl of fruit & fibre.
– Handfull of M&Ms (peanut).
– Tuna, mayo & sweet corn sandwich on brown.
– A few cheesy chips.
– A couple of Foxes sweets.
– Mini Milk ice lolly.
– Pasta with cheese & ham filling and cheese on top.
– 1 x piece of garlic bread.
– Vanilla ice cream cone.
– 1 x small bowl of magic stars chocolates.
– 1/2 large bag of Maltesers.

I think this paints a picture already!!


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