With those shoes?

As much as I know I’ve changed since our move; attitude, outlook, lifestyle. I still haven’t reached the 100% “don’t give a shit”, nearly there, 80% maybe? I know this because I just couln’t do the full 2 arms in the rucksack look today. It would have made the trip to the beach a whole lot easier but given the fact that I was already wearing my knicks top and rocking a lovely bed head it was just one step too far (for now anyway).


3 responses to “With those shoes?

  1. I told dad i would be giving brighton a visit at some point,

    “Isn’t brighton full of gay people?”

    “Couldn’t say dad. I couldn’t say.”


    I’ve never gone ‘full backpack’… I doubt i ever will. No matter how much I’m carrying.

    • [giggle] Did you not confront him on his specific knowledge?? It has beaches and bars and lots of very nice women *not that I’m looking Helen* if that’ll make him more comfortable about your trip.

      Did you give SCUMMVM a try?

  2. Played leisure suit larry 1 and most of 2 from memory (used web guide twice). Sam and max is hard. Gave up on it. Want to play Indy atlantis but it wont let me download any more! Not sure why.
    It’s best I don’t know about dads intimate knowledge of the Brighton gay community.

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