I am my phone

I seem to be the subject of a rather strange phenomenon. I keep getting a “buzzing” feeling in my upper thigh (oo, er, missus) in the exact area that my phone, in pocket, would be. The same buz that I get when my phone vibrates – how odd I hear you say…

… Well even more bizarre was what happed this morning. I was (am now) sat in the garden on tinter net reading the slating reviews of poor old Mr Green (idiot!) and my reminder alarm went off on my phone. My phone was in the house however I was absolutely convinced that it was in my pocket, I even felt the bloody rumble of the bugger vibrate on my leg!!

After checking and double checking all (2) of my short pockets… TWICE it was obvious that it wasn’t on me – NURSE!

Is this a modern day “Phantom Limb Pain” phenomenon or just me??


6 responses to “I am my phone

  1. 3 football updates! grr. there is no escape. especially after today 1-0 limp-a-thon to the next round. Anyway, viewing this on my ps3! ooh, get me..

      • yes its a betrayal. the black monolith occupies the space where my soft curvy 360 used to be. but i’m currently ball deep into an infinitely better version of Bayonetta. And Uncharted 2 is next. Stick that up your Fable hole and see if it dances (or something that makes more sense). You and I are now mortal enemies.

      • You think? I wasn’t convinced mate. I binned my PS3 ages ago. Not a patch in my opinion. You’ll have the odd game, usually written on that particular format, that seems better on one or the other. The only thing I missed from the Sony was the Blu-ray and I have a stand alone now so no sleep loss there.

        As a fellow fan of the classic adventure games, have you ever tried the SCUMMVM emulator on the PC/laptop? If not and you fancy a blast back to the good old days, let me know and I’ll email the bits over :0). I’m just enjoying a bit of Future Wars at the mo.


  2. on a vaguely-related-to-your-post note. Carys plays a lot of spidersolitaire. A LOT! so much so that when she is idling on the internet with all her browsing done, she will hit CTRL H. that is the Hint button on spider solitaire that she, incredibly, thinks is the HINT BUTTON OF LIFE! bored on the internet? CTRL H. Cant decide what to have for tea? CTRL H. crazy… not sure if her thigh vibrates tho… i’ll ask.

    • scummvm sounds interesting. dont know much about it. yeah send over the details. is it just lucasarts games or all pointy clicky games… future wars was delphine right? i remember spending a long time trying to get the map pin into the hole. nightmare game! cheers.

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