BBQs and an interview

We have well and truly made the most of this weather. We’re already well in double figures for BBQs this summer!

On Saturday our tribe plus my old man, cousin Debs (for a brief dip), Liz and her two friends Daz and Carrie *2 Mancs now living in Brighton. Are there any left up North??*. joined later by Andy all enjoyed a long sunny day on Hove beach just opposite Maroccos (amazing ice creams!). Me and a few braved the sea for a swim which was rather nice actually and about the 4th time I’d been in this summer.

To top off the day we had our 1st beech BBQ and very nice it was too; watchin the sun go down, having a few cold drinks and the beaches were full of groups doing similar – more of the same please :0).

I had a job interview on Friday. I’ve been shortlisted for a position of Area Manager for the 2011 Census. However after the interview I think that the (even shorter) list will not include my name. Seems like they’re after a “holiday rep” type large team leader. We’ll see.


5 responses to “BBQs and an interview

  1. in those pics i count 3 costume changes for the Adinator (im trying it out… i’ll be kelsinator). Who do u think you are? beyonce?

    • If the “Adinator” :0) was Beyonce I can assure you “I would be mainly wearing” bugger all and spending most of my time indoors… alone… in the mirror… OMG I’m aroused now!

      Hope all goes well in hospital. What is it this time, business or pleasure?

      • If men were suddenly transformed into women sales of handycams would soar, and then the streets would become very quiet places. Get it on tape because you never know when you’ll turn back into a gross, hairy dude.
        Hospital: purely business. If there is money to be made out drug experimentation… where do I sign.

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