All grown up

What a scorcher! 1st day on the beach for the whole family today. My skin now feels too small for me… knew I should have put the factor 4 on!

AND 1st sea swim of the year, oh yes, the AK man’d up and strolled in *chest out, gut in*… swam… a little, hyperventilated… a lot, and casually strolled out *cleverly hiding both my penis and testicles somewhere in my lower stomach!

We met up with Julie and Simon on the beach and headed back to ours for an early evening drink :0).

I think I’ve found out what being grown up is. Something that has eluded me for ages. I did think it would be my first drink, no that wasn’t it, I’d drunk since being in school. Becoming a father… nope, that made me feel/act even younger! First house? Nope, getting married? nah… however, something that I’ve been doing recently has been making me feel like a real adult at last – watering the plants! Hmm, taking an interest in gardening = grown up. Who’da thought it :0).


5 responses to “All grown up

  1. becoming grown up… looking at birds (the feathered kind) and being genuinely interested in the what species it is.

  2. Shit, i must be old, i love the garden too! i’ve got some Himalayan poppies out at the moment, and i’ve recorded the Chelsea flower show!! It makes me feel all warm inside.

    I tried entering the sea once, however the Japanese Whaling Fleet started to chase me, thank the lord for Green Peace!! They saved that day.

    Talking of Green Peace, they did well in Brighton, is that why your growing green things in the garden? they may want to contribute to your worthy cause, whatever that maybe.

    love to ALL the crazy gang!


  3. Yes, looking at birds (the feathered kind) is something that is yet to interest me but I’m sure it’s not too far off :0).

    I haven’t gone as far as recording the flower show – that is dedication! You’ve got a big head start on me mate!

    Love to all x

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