First week of Facebook cold turkey has been easier than I thought. I like the fact that I’m not twitching to get on and read everyone’s “Just had my tea” updates *Not that I ever posted anything of any interest*. It’s refreshing :0).

On the Veg Patch front; we have some major lettuce action but not much else of any note. Stay tuned for the next enthralling VP update!

I’m putting the Bury pad on the market so if you know anyone who may be interested in a lovely home/outstanding investment opportunity – let me know.

We went to see Emily’s school this week and it seems really nice (they have a swimming pool on site!!). If the worse comes to the worse I don’t think Abby would mind too much if we had to put her in there as well.


3 responses to “I’m FREE!

  1. I had McDonalds for my tea!! i bet you really wanted to know that…… Facebook is following you!!

    Pal, you selling the house in Bury? good on you, make the move to Brighton complete.

    Maybe we could put a note on Luthor Chatboard about the pad being for sale?

    Growing your own Veg, fantastic! i’ve done Tomatoes, strawberries and herbs in the past, do you have a preferred veg you want to grow?

    by the way, what does Ewan covered in shit represent?

    love to all


    • Hi mate,

      Nice to see your words on here!

      Ewan is going cold turkey… heroin I imagine is easier to come off than Facebook for lots of people!

      We’ve go French beans, Carrots, peas and lettuce. Can’t wait to start harvesting.

      Love to all


  2. French bean…… i like, try adding them to a pasta dish, Green Pesto and pine nuts…yum yum.

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