Up early to look at tat

We were up and out at 8am yesterday. With the sole mission of securing 3 bargain bikes for the girls. What did we buy?. . . after 1 1/2 hours in the cold all we’d bought was a roll of heavy duty bin bags and a bacon butty each!

Because we were out so early it meant we could catch the early morning film; £1 each – another bargain :0). It was “Where the Wild Things Are”, an OK film (and a fairly good 45 doze for Mum and Dad) with some nice scenes and music but nothing amazing.

I’m hoping to catch the big game today if I can at Neil’s – C’mon Wigan!!


One response to “Up early to look at tat

  1. car boots… the general idea is for me to find something i can ebay for profit. but regularly slink off home empty handed except for some obscure 80s action figure that i cling to on the way home like a 5 year old. (not that i regularly cling to 5 year olds, i meant the toy. ive never clung to a 5 year old…). you’ll be missed on fb, keep up with the blog tho. i like to know how things are going in green brighton.

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