Yaaaa hoooo, is that Summer I can smell?

For the last week we’ve been treated to an early glimpse of Summer and it looks A-Mazin! It has resulted in me developing a rather uncharacteristic desire (perhaps desire is a bit strong) to do some gardening – ooh er, I’ve come over all queer :0)

I’ve been meaning to get the girls sorted with a veg patch and let them grow their own so that’s what I did yesterday *pics below*. Just need to get some trellis for the peas and some compost/fertiliser to mix in and then we’re ready to SOW THE SEEDS… sowin the seeds of love, seeds of love. Sowin the seeds, birds and the bees… (sorry, lost in a Tears for Fears moment there).

I (well my Mum helped a little) have also been busy sprucing up the back garden so we’re ready for fun (drink) and frivolity (more drink) in the sun. You can tell I’m getting older with all this talk of weather and gardens.

Not that long ago the lads from Lex came to visit. Keen to sample the gay scene off in to the haze of Brighton we headed…

It was great to see Jon and Pete again. I’m still missing all the gang from Lex so “Hello all, hope you are well, love AK” if anyone still reads this thing. Wouldn’t blame anyone for not as it’s not the most interesting thing and I have neglected my updating duties for quite some time – doh!

After meeting them at Shoreham station we made our way in to Brighton for a bit of a perusal round the Laines with Hels and the girls the Jon, Pete and I headed for a drink or 3 in some of the ale houses of Brighton. Some 10 or so later we stumbled, swaggered and trained our way back to Shoreham to meet my cousin Debs, my old man and Hels and the girls for more drinking fun. It was a marvelous day which ended with Pete and I snuggled up for, chocolate, a movie and a chat about boys. On the other hand poor Jon had made the fatal mistake of deciding to “go the distance” with my pops. He re-emerged like a bear with a very sore head the next day saying “I’d love to visit again as long as you promise me that your Dad won’t be out. That man’s an animal! errrmmmm ughhh” – expletives removed of course.

One, two, three, four, I declare THUMB WAR!

"how you feelin Jon?". . . "Errrrrrrrrghhh, I feel rough!"

Over and out for now – much love :0)


2 responses to “Yaaaa hoooo, is that Summer I can smell?

  1. I’ve encountered so many parents who don’t give a fuck. Happy to kick their preteens out of the house in the morning and not care where they are or what they do til they are shouted in at tea time, as long as they dont have to interact or care. Sad but true. Leon is 15 months old now, he’s fun to be around and i’m interested in everything he does. Summer IS COMING. And i’m gonna spend it with my kid. We’re good dads, u and me. Long may we continue to be.

    • I know exactly what you mean. I have my faults but I try. I’m sure you’ll be the best dad mate :0) Can’t wait to hook up some time soon.

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