I’m back! It’s been a while.

Well firstly sorry for being sooooo fucking lazy. It’s been aaaaaaaages since I last updated my blog. Not sure if anyone reads this thing any more but I did say I’d keep it like a diary – something to look back on and laugh at :0).

Now what have I been up to since my last post. . .?

. . . The main thing is that we’re now in our new hoose – it’s lovely (pics below). We have just about got everything unpacked *eventually* It’s Abby’s B’day on Monday so she has a friend round for a sleepover – I’m currently hiding upstairs and can hear the ever so (ear piercing) pleasant sound of Emily screaming, oh, yes, and that would be her telling Helen she’s going to chop her head off; how lovely (she gets it from her mum y’know).

I didn’t manage to land the 1st deal in the end. The prospective customer needed to use it outside the EU 4 times a year so that was the end of that, ah well. I have the company set up now “Green Cars Leasing Ltd” and hopefully in the new year I’ll sort some funding out for the start up costs (website etc).

Scotland holiday was a bit of a disaster to say the least. We managed to drive from Brighton to 1/4 of a mile from our destination incident free (approximately 500 miles) . We were then rather rudely driven off the road by some bloody German maniac driving in the middle of a very narrow, loch side road with full beams on. I luckily had a grass verge to use – unluckily this was outside someone’s house and they’d very sensibly placed huge rocks on it – and guess what. . . they’re fucking difficult to see in the pitch black and when being blinded by some fuckers headlights! As a result I managed to mount most of them and rip the shit out of my underside! Nice start to the relaxing break :0(. We also had no mobile reception at the apartment so most of my mornings were spent in the hotel reception ringing absolute muppets trying to sort this car crash (ha) out.

* Note to self & other Honda drivers, when it says in the handbook, on their website, at the dealership (and as sold by Lex) etc. that “One of the benefits of driving a Honda is the you get free accident management” what this actually amounts to is that they take the call (and your car) and don’t tell any fucker what is going on or where the hell the car is. Which results in you not only having to do all the calling around to the insurer, the garage and the funder, you also have to inform Honda directly – well done Honda, you really do live up to your own slogans, as the advert says “difficult is worth doing” – sorry I don’t fucking agree, I’m quite fond of easy myself.

Anyway, don’t need to worry about that because the car’s been repossessed now – doh!


I can’t wait until Christmas. I thing I’m more excited than the girls – such a big kid, it’s great! I think I’ll get the tree tomorrow, yipee.

I’m not too sure Hel’s will be that amazed with her prezzies this year – they are ok but not amazing – sure she’ll like them though. I did manage to paint her a picture. A portrait of Ian Brown, I’m pleased with it and she loves it. It’s nice to actually make something for her, something original.

The beard came on a treat. It was over 15mm before I shaved it. I miss it now so I thing I’ll begin again :0).

Now here are some pics of the new house and my painting . . .


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