Wind, strings and other things


After a few days of rain we had a nice sunny Sunday. Blowing a reet gale though! I had planned to catch the match today but (fortunately – 2 frikkin nil!) I didn’t know anywhere showing it. We popped in to see my grandparents and do a couple of bits for them, they don’t do bad for pushing the wrong side of eighty *a damn site better than I will be if I get to that age, I wager* but they struggle a bit now and then; bless.

Wedges ‘n’ dips washed down with a Ploughman’s was the lunch of choice, we’ll it’d be rude not to :0). Cousin Debs popped in on us at the Crown, fresh from her Ukulele lesson (don’t ask). We worked the wedges off with a stroll over the footbridge to the beach and picked up our regular route down the beach and back round. Stopping off for a while to allow for skimming *I defy any man to be within 5 yards of the sea without skimming stones – not possible!* castle construction (me and Abs above). Debs even gave Ems a few pointers on the Ukulele. . .


Hels is out for a few drinks with the girls tonight; she needs a break from me and the monsters. . . mainly me!

Next weekend we’re moving in to our new pad, yay can’t wait! Then the week after we spin up, way up, to spend a week in Scotland. . . Can’t be bad, not sure yet how this is to be funded??? Please feel free to donate “Every little helps!”. I might even have my first deal brokered by the end of the month!!!


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