Ooot & aboot

walkThe shoreham market was on today so we got out early(ish) and had a meander round, picked up some nice grub; 3 sirloin steaks and some venison burgers mmmm. I also sampled some local real ales – be rude not too really :0).

We went for a long walk through town and up to Buckingham park; a massive park with really nice play areas for the girls and where they play football, rugby and tennis. I enquired about the tennis and would like to get Abs some lessons. I might just book a court and let her have a knock about first, see if she likes it. Also toying with the idea of joining the rugby club – not sure that will happen though.

We’re planning on a seafront walk this afternoon through Hove and will pop in the Alibi to see Liz – she’s working there until late.


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