House.. tick. Job.. tick…

scary_dentistWell done Hels, two interviews in two days and two jobs from it. Just me being a lazy bum then!

Hels has been here since Thursday and we are due to go back to Manchester on Monday or first thing Tuesday morning to pack the last bits up and make the final move – can’t wait.

Thursday and Friday were spent to-ing and fro-ing from interviews and generally mooching about. Saturday am we met up with my cousin Debs and mate Lee down the North Laines for breakfast at the Dumb Waiter. She’s a mad head, learning the trapeze and the ukulele and has applied for the part of a ukuleliest (is that right?) in a play… she only had 1 weeks worth of lessons! Today we spent the day on the beach and I managed to get Abs in, if only up to her shoulders, for a dip. My old man kindly looked after the girls so me, Hels, Lee and his mate Stiggy could go for a meal and a few drinks – happy days.

Sooooo foooookin much to do next week!


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