All tooled up!


I’ve been giving my old man a lift the last week or so and it’s been great getting back on the tools and doing some manual work. Makes a nice change from sitting behind a desk. However I’ve really had to work on the swearing, It’s not as easy as you think saying the “F” word, every other word!

Got out and about in Brighton on Sat with my bro, the old man and Abby. Had a good wonder round the North Laines – really funky, different shops, bars, cafes and stores. On Sunday Abs and I went for a swim then the 3 of us took a run out to Lewes for a pub lunch and a nosey round the antique shops – how quaint!

Managed to get another long walk on the beach today – can’t get used to all the good weather, it’s got to be a fluke, we’re only down south it’s not like we’re abroad *What the Fcuk?? It’s only old sad fuckers that waffle on about the weather! Pull yourself together man!* Anyhoo Hels is down on Wednesday with my little monster – can’t wait to see them. She has an interview scheduled for Thursday.

Here’s some random pics from the last few days…


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