We asked 1 person “Did Adam get the job?” Our survey said…


Egh, errrrrr! That’s right, “top answer” I’m still officially “in between” jobs :0). I had the feed back from the interview at the broker company today and… they said… “great interview” “good candidate” *deja vous anyone?* “however he didn’t seem money motivated”. Er, ex-squeeze me, baking powder, no your eyes do not deceive you that does say “not money motivated“. Well I’m damn sure there will be a few past managers that would disagree with that statement! This leads me to believe that the recruitment consultant did not *as I requested and he informed me he had* let the company know that the salary was too low and could something be done to address it – Y BASTARD!

Anyway on a much lighter note we finally have someone to let our house – Wooooo Hooooo!…

property_let…. Doh! I’m sure it will be fine :0).

We’ve given them a “moved out by” date of Friday 2nd Oct so not long now until all the reprobates are back in the one place.

I have also done a fair bit of prep work on starting my own business up! I have had a number of phone consultations with web companies. I had a face to face meeting with a really good one in the centre of Brighton today and I’ve also been working on the branding. So I have a pretty good idea of site costings, I’m due to speak with a couple of people about print/marketing costs and also arrange some meetings regarding the tiny issue of funding. I have managed to make some great peripheral contacts and done some good market research in the meantime.

One of the girls in her class has been giving her a torrid time :0(. I had to have “words” with her mum and the teacher but not much else I can do for now other than keep my eye on it… No Helen I didn’t tell Abby to smack her one ;0). Other than that things look good there, Abby has managed to clock up 2, yes, 2! achievement awards so far :0). What a star!


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