Y’ Bastards!

traffic_warden_voodoo_dollOooh bugger £25! That’ll teach me to have a lie-in when I should be putting a ticket on my car.

Up at 11am and out at 12, not a bad start to the day. Managed to squeeze in a nice long walk on the beach, a swim in the sea and popped on the park with Abs. Found a lovely hair clip *how gay does that sound* for monkey bum and got chatting to a really nice woman and her daughter – think they were Russian. Bumped in to my cousin Vicky and her husband, also my Gran and Grandad at my Uncle’s place. My cousin’s hubby is working on a new advert/campaign for PG Tips and Monkey, we came up with a competition idea – should be funny when done :0).

Time to chill with the “cringe factor” and the chocolates. Abs just asked me if she was good enough… hm, what’s the right answer? Should I, a) Lie and boost her self confidence or b) Be completely honest and give her a knock….

Yes that’s right “b”. However you should always use something to divert the attention from you being the bad person: “No Abby unfortunately you inherited your mother’s singing voice”… winner!

Abby’s now gone to bed, now where’s the beer?


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