It’s a hard life!


Abby is enjoying school still and has made even more friends. She keeps talking about a boy called Owen and how two of her class mates were acting out snogging on the toy puppets – Oh no, I’m gonna have to watch this one!

I got handed a copy of the school’s Ofsted report the other day… not good! I have so far resisted temptation to go and have words – mustn’t rock the boat just yet :0).

The interview went well, it was the MD and one of the sales team that saw me. They seem like a good company with great ethics and when I asked the sales lad what it was like he kept saying “it’s chilled” – I like the sound of that!

I applied for a job at Brighton Uni today in the admissions dept, vetting the totty :0) – *not really Hels* I also had chance to start looking further in to starting up a broker company, got a quote for the website and some more info and advice.

Managed to get on the beach again today and also got a swim whilst there – yea.

We’ve also got someone who’s signed up for the house in Manchester, just need them to pass the credit check now.

Here’s a little something I made up whilst sat in the sun:-

There was a young lady named Nough,

Who liked to jog in the buff,

Then one day, to her dismay,

A pigeon few straight up her chuff.

Bye x


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