School days..


Took Abby to see her new school, Buckingham Park Primary, today. She is so excited! Even more so now we’re here as she’s no friends her own age *apart from me that is :0)* The school looks really nice, very new and clean and acres of outside play areas. She was chuffed to bits with her new uniform, especially the two new school jumpers – thanks uncle Tom. We also got to meet the head teacher, all the staff were there in the lashing rain, trying out the new playground markings – funny and as JW would say “unlucky!”. She starts next Monday, me and Grandad Seaside will take her there and check out the milf! make sure she’s ok :0).

Got tickets for my old man, the girls and me to see a film (The Child & The Fox) at the local theater on Sat – £3 for film, milk and biscuits, mmm.

Got registered at the docs today so we’ll be ok if we’re ill *that doesn’t make sense does it?* Not wanting to break the routine we also managed 2 hrs on the beach as the weather improved later on.

Both Helen and I have interviews. Hels has one next Friday and I have one at the broker next Tuesday. We have also got another viewing on our place booked for next week – here’s hoping.


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