Nightmare on Hamilton St.

Man Sleeping

Had a mad dream last night – Interview from Hell! Possibly down to two things, Emily being in our bed and far too much chocolate. It went a little like this…

Another day, another interview… Something told me this was going to be a tough one!


Miss Monster: “Mr Kenney, come in, have a seat. My name is Miss Monster”.

Me: “Oh, uh, hi there p, p, pleased to meet you Miss Monster”.


MM: “So Tell me Mr Kelly..”.

Me: “Sorry, it’s Kenney”.

MM: “Yea, whatever, why should I employ you?”.

Me: “Well I have an unsurpassed….”.

MM: “Quit ya, gibber jabber and show me the CV!”.


MM: “Is this it?!”.

Me: “Well, er, yes it is” *gulp*.


MM: “Ppppppppppppp, pp, pppppppttthhhhhhhhuupppppt”.

Me: “So, what do you think?”.


MM: “Hmmm… um… Here’s where I am…”.

Me: “Yes”.

MM: “…Well Kenney, you’re a liability!”.

Me: “But…”.

MM: “Shhh! You’re a god damn fooooool!”

Me: “But…”.


MM: “OUT!”

Interview-File-Under-IdiotMM: “File that one under.. Douche Bag”!


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