Y’ Bastards

You're not hired!

We’ll folks, I got the phone call regarding the interview at the telecoms company (Primary school for dwarfs) “they won’t be taking it any further” was the outcome – Y’ Bastards!

A little strange really, I did ask for feeback and it was “very good interview and great candidate” which begs the obvious question, er, what the fcuk, why? I think they’ve recruited internally, well that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it ;0).

Not heard from the other one yet; can’t say that I’m too bothered. I filled in a DiSC test for the broker position yesterday – a DiSC test is a psychological profiler so god knows what that’ll show up!

Also got a call to say “We have the ideal position for you… in Altrincham!” er… Hello McFly, anyone home? “What does my search criteria specify?” I asked. “West Sussex” the muppet replied – and this person has a job!

Ah well, A beach bum for another few day then, I can live with that :0).



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