Boring, boring. Mr. Tipsy Seaside.

Mr Tipsy Seaside

Bit of a boring day really. I was meant to be up early and out for a swim but I didn’t even hear the alarm! I was up and about for 8am so wasn’t too bad I suppose.

Had an appointment with a recruitment co. today which went well. It’s the one who has something lined up for me with a broker, however the basic £ was a bit… er… basic really so we’ll need to work on that one. I popped in to another agency I’d spotted on the way down there and they seemed really nice so I’ve emailed both mine and Hel’s CV over… you never know.

GREAT SCOTT & HOLY BATMAN’S PANTS!!! We’ve got 2, yes 2 more viewings on the house! Just as I was going to bin the agents off – ah well we’ll see how these go. Any luck they’ll be mega keen and in before you can say “what do you mean they’re a family of Albanian terrorists!”

Abs made some fcuking minging “lovely” peanut butter cookies with Debs. I’ll bring some back for you Mum ;0). I took her swimming this evening and she swam 5 lengths of the small pool whilst I did 30 (in the big pool).

Oh yea, I did make the above pic of my old man after I came up with his new nick name last night, made me giggle anyway.


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