Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it’s a nutter!


It was the Worthing Birdman competition today so me and Abs headed down for a laugh. It didn’t start til 1 so it gave me a chance for a much needed lie in :0). The weather was much the same… “propa bo, a tell thee” so there was double sun cream for Abs. I, however being a typical man thought “I don’t need any such lotion, I’m a man god damn it! aaarrrgghhh!” *even though I’d been frazzled the day before – doh!*

Sticking to our new routine we then swiftly headed for the beach (for 5 mins) before flying back to get our swimming gear, yes, I had a reet good swim int sea, nice :0). Popped in to my uncle’s house to say “hi”, my cousin Vicky and her husband Matt were there. Matt mentioned that there may be a couple of opportunities for work at the Guardian in London and also that one of their business partners are recruiting @ their Brighton office, so, y’ never know. London eh, mmm we’ll see what transpires – would be nice though.

Had a lovely meal in Lewes tonight. Just me, Abs and the old man. He’d been hiding all day, nursing a hangover from hell. Grandad Seaside rolled in at 6am this morning! Tut tut G’dad.

My cousin Debs (also currently lodging at Mr Tipsy Seaside’s) has found her ideal house in Hanover and is looking forward to moving in – or is that moving out??

Appointment with the local recruitment consultants tomorrow. They’ve a position at a local broker with my name on it… we’ll see.

Here’s a really nice picture of Abby from today.

Abigail at Birdman


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