We’re here, drink beer, throw people off the pier!

Preview_Brighton Seafront 2AT LAST!!

Not a bad drive, just 5 hours… a little better than the 8 1/2 coming back last visit!

Abs was good as gold all the way, bless (I know I wouldn’t have been). Weather was crap all the way down and glorious sunshine on our arrival, what more could I ask for?

Went out for a nice meal with the old man. He was very tired as the day previous he’d crawled back in at some silly time in the morning!! Then proceed to spend 2 hrs on the phone to the w@nkers technicians @ Talk Talk – W@nkers!! Time I should have been using to research for the two interviews tomorrow – Doh!

Should be humourous tomorrow @ the second interview with the telecoms co. I took a run up there earlier and they are based in a part of an old school…. an old school for infants…. an old infant school for dwarfs that is! The fcuking front door was only about 3′ high. I better not wreck the knees on my new suit, Y’ BASTARDS!!!

Ah well, better try and get some sleep as busy day tomorrow.

Bye for now.


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